Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Windsor Terrace/Kensington Food Coop
Community Meeting
Tuesday, December 4th, 7:00 p.m.

The Meeting will be held at the
Knights of Columbus Hall
 1511 10th Avenue
between Prospect Park Southwest and 16th Street
Windsor Terrace, Brooklyn, NY 11215


  1. Introductions 
  2. Short discussion on relationship with Park Slope Food Coop
  3. Review of Proposed Committees and Charges to the Committees 
  4. Committee Caucuses to discuss their charges
  5. Reconvene General Session for Committee reports 
  6. Next Steps

Charges to the Windsor Terrace Kensington Food Coop

1.      Legal Committee:

Gather information and investigate the steps necessary

·        for the WTKFC to incorporate

·        for the WTKFC to take in order to become a functioning coop.

Facilitator – Mark Horberg

2.      Membership Committee: 

Formulate options for a proposal that would address the definition of

·        Who is a member?

·        What constitutes Membership?

·        What are the responsibilities of members?

·        What fees, if any should members pay?

·        How should outreach be done?

Facilitator: Erika Ellis

3.      Communication Committee:

Formulate a strategy to construct a process

·        For the emerging group to communicate a consistent message to the community

·        A consistent message to participants

Facilitator: Christine Petro

4.      Finance Committee:

Gather information and investigate the steps necessary

·        to set up appropriate fiscal structures related to GAP

·        review the financial strategies of other successful food coops

Facilitator: Jack O’Connell

5.      Site Committee:

Initiate the process of identifying the types of sites for a variety of possible models for the WTKFC e.g. Buying Club etc.

Facilitator: Jack O’Connell

6.      Purchasing/Food Committee:

Identify strategies for securing food and purchase and distribution of food.

Facilitator: Roseanna Gowell

7.      IT Committee:   

Create an IT team that can oversee the IT efforts of the WTKFC.

Facilitator: Jeremy Sarantitis

Links to four other food co-ops in Brooklyn: