Sunday, December 30, 2012


                                                                      "Kensington Anthem/They say I don't care"
                                                                      by The Nowadays

"Kensington Anthem/They say I don't care" is one of seven tracks on The Nowadays' recently-released debut album "Live at the Creamery." The Nowadays--Alex P  on vocals and guitar and Professor Coit on drums--call their music rock and roll, blues, and rockabilly.

Alex P. Wernquest and David Coit recorded the album in October 2012 at the Creamery, a studio in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, and released it on Basement Floods Records in Kensington, Brooklyn, on October 9, 2012. 

Hear "Live at the Creamery" in its entirety here. From that page, you can also purchase and download the digital album or purchase the limited edition CD.

Alex and David are the co-owners and engineers of Basement Floods Records. As their slogan says, they do "Analog Recording in Kensington, Brooklyn," using 8-, 4-, and 2-track tape recorders.

Basement Floods Records 
403 Avenue C, between E.  4th and E. 5th streets
Brooklyn, NY 11218
(860) 287-5405
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