Friday, November 12, 2010


Alternate side of the street parking in residential districts could get reduced to two days per week--one day per side--with the exception of streets that are either more than thirty feet wide or have parking meters, according to a bill introduced at a hearing on Tuesday sponsored by the City Council's Transportation Committee and the Committee on Sanitation and Solid Waste Management.

The Mayor’s Office of Operations inspects streets for cleanliness and measures and reports on their cleanliness through a program called "Operation Scorecard." Any street that gets an average cleanliness acceptability rating of 90% for two years would be switched to the two-day-per-week cleaning schedule.

Another bill was introduced that would allow drivers to stay in their parked cars on the restricted side and move them when the street is about to be cleaned. They can then legally park on the restricted side after the street sweeper is finished.

Another hearing is planned for the bills.

To see when alternate side of the street parking is suspended for the rest of 2010, click here.