Wednesday, July 22, 2009


This post about Rich Frog Toys was published on the KWT Neighbors listserv. It is reprinted here with the permission of its author.

Rich Frog is located at 211 Church Avenue, between E. 2nd and E. 3rd streets. Phone:
(866) 371-1858


Hi all –
Just wanted to write a quick note about my recent experience at Rich Frog Toys on Church. I went there over the weekend for a couple of birthday presents and was amazed at how much the store has expanded since I was there last. Every time I go, there seems to be more. I've been able to shop for babies all the way up through my 8 year old nephew and the toys have been both high quality and reasonably priced.

Per usual, Alexandra was so helpful at pointing out age appropriate toys in the price ranges I was looking for and was totally non-pressuring as I looked (with my two children browsing as well).

Rich Frog is such a wonderful resource in the neighborhood – and every time I've been it seems I've gotten something extra – a small cloth reusable bag last time I was there, $5 coupons for my next visit this time--between the quality, service, and extras, it's always a great experience. Not related in any way to the owner – just found it an exceptional experience.