Friday, March 14, 2014


Civil Service Title:          DISTRICT MANAGER (MANAGERIAL /                                         NON-COMPETITIVE)
Agency:                            BROOKLYN COMMUNITY BOARD 12
Hours:                              FULL-TIME
Salary & Benefits:          $65,000 - $75,000 annually

All submissions must be mailed or delivered to the Board office by the close of business on or before March 20th. 
This is a management position encompassing responsibilities for expediting, monitoring and evaluating municipal services within the community district as directed by the Community Board. All positions are allocated to Assignment Level I of the Pay Plan for Management Employees.
Under executive direction of a Community Board, represents the Board in monitoring and evaluating the delivery of municipal services within the community district and actively participates in the coordination of delivery of these services. Serves as a conduit among residents of the district, members of the Community Board and district personnel providing municipal services.
With full authority to act for the Board, presides at meetings of the District Service Cabinet, composed of agencies providing municipal services on a decentralized basis (e.g., Department of Education, Park & Recreation, Sanitation, Police, Fire, etc.). Establishes the agenda, energetically represents the interests of the community and the Board in dealing with the managers or district supervisors representing their respective departments on community based complaints and problems of community residents.
Attends Community Board meetings. Reports on issues concerning, and actions taken at District Cabinet meetings as well as on other pertinent matters.
Processes complaints from residents of the district relating to services provided by municipal agencies within the district. Resolves minor local complaints and processes complaints of a recurring or major nature to appropriate authority. Prepares written or verbal reports to the Community Board on complaints received.
Supervises and administers the office and the staff of the Community Board. Resolves local complaints and directly brings major complaints of a recurring and/or multi-borough or city-wide nature to the Borough President, the Mayor (through representatives) and to the Public Advocate.
Participates in the formulation and development of Community Board policies and procedures. Executes these policies and procedures as necessary.
May be assigned by the Community Board to conduct investigations on needed services, to initiate plans for providing such services, or to take other actions as the Community Board deems necessary. Directs staff in planning and research in this area, as necessary.
1.    At least three years of full time experience in government, public administration or city planning of which one year must have been in a supervisory capacity.


For anyone interested in applying for the position of District Manager, the Board is accepting cover letters and resumes addressed to:

Yidel Perlstein, Chairman,
Brooklyn Community Board 12
5910 13th Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11219.

All submissions must be mailed or delivered to the Board office by the close of business on or before March 20th.