Saturday, March 23, 2013


Boycott Temporarily Suspended!

by goldenfarmjustice

One giant step closer for the Golden Farm workers! Victory is within our reach! Workers have informed us that the union (RWDSU/UFCW Local 338) and the owner of Golden Farm had a long and very productive negotiating session today (3/22).

Therefore, we are happy/relieved/excited to announce that the Golden Farm boycott is TEMPORARILY suspended to facilitate a swift and successful contract negotiation and the resolution of any other outstanding issues. 

This has been a long and hard struggle. The first time Golden Farm workers organized for their rights was in 2008 when they contacted the NY Department of Labor; and the first time workers organized with the community for a rally at the store was December 2011. The workers called for a community boycott on August 18, 2012 and for seven months the community has responded and refused to shop at a store where employees do not have the respect, dignity and basic benefits that everyone deserves on the job.

Workers and the union believe that at this particular juncture in negotiations a temporary suspension of the boycott will bring us closer than ever to the goals the workers set out for themselves.

The community will respond by temporarily cancelling picket lines with the hope and understanding that the suspension of the boycott will bring the workers closer to their victory.

It is our hope that the next action at Golden Farm will be a grand reopening of the store, with a giant red ribbon, even bigger scissors and more confetti than the corner of Church Ave and East 4th has ever seen!


[Posted by request of Kensington Community Supporting Justice For Golden Farm Workers]