Sunday, April 18, 2010


You probably know by now that the census is here. If you haven't completed and sent in your form, please take one minute to look at some statistics that we hope will change your mind....

*Windsor Terrace and Kensington have a response rate of only 51% - 70%, depending on where you live in our community. That means that 30% - 49% of the Federal funds that should be coming here to pay for our schools, police, roads, etc. will be sent elsewhere. Our communities lose $3,000 of potential funding each year, for ten years, for every person who doesn't return the form. If you have ever complained about any of these services, now is the time to take ten minutes to do your part.

*Total cost to taxpayers to follow up on people who have not responded is $1.5 billion. Every additional 1% of households who do respond now saves taxpayers $80 - $90 million in follow up costs.

*The form is short and easy. It really does take around ten minutes.

Questionnaire Assistance Centers offering free help filling out the forms:
  • NPI Computer (401 Church Avenue at E. 4th Street)
  • The Church of Gethsemane (1012 8th Avenue at 10th Street)
  • Prospect Hills Senior Center (283 Prospect Avenue between 5th and 6th avenues)
Telephone assistance: 1- 866-872-6868

Brought to you by
Windsor Terrace Alliance, Inc.
Kensington Area Resident/Merchant Alliance (KARMA)
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