Saturday, October 24, 2009


"Living in Kensington" takes a look at our neighborhood's
  • Housing,
  • People,
  • Safety,
  • Parks and Recreation,
  • Pubs, Clubs and Entertainment,
  • Shopping and Eating, and
  • Transportation.
Author Kirsty Henderson describes Kensington as "a taste of a non-gentrified Brooklyn" with a "slower pace" and a "wonderfully diverse neighborhood and cuisine."

She praises several local businesses, including
Shenanigans Pub, Denny's Steak House (a bar, not a restaurant), Foodtown, Old Brick Cafe (Italian, Balkan, and Mediterranean), Kabir's Bakery (Bengali and American), Dinosha Albanian Village, Taqueria Los Poblanos (Mexican), La Flor de Santa Ines (Mexican), and Shayna's (West Indian and American).