Saturday, October 6, 2018


From The Kensington Stewards
Avenue C Plaza is offering a FREE 45-minute Pilates class on Saturday, October 6 from 2pm to 2:45pm, taught by Judy Thurau of Blitz Dojo at 312 Church Avenue [not at Avenue C Plaza, despite the wording of the above flyer]. Please reserve your spot by calling (718) 851-2425.

Pilates is a physical fitness system created by Joseph Pilates at the beginning of the 20th century, frequently used by dancers to strengthen their core and endurance. The exercises emphasize control, breathing, coordination and postural alignment. 

At a friend's suggestion, Ms. Thurman took up Pilates to recover from a broken ankle. Before that scoliosis had painfully affected her postural alignment for years but found that Pilates relieved it. More than 11 years later, Ms. Thurman has spent time training under some of the best Pilates teachers in NYC and now shows her students how to better organize their bodies through awareness, breath, and movement. Join her.
Sponsors: The Kensington Stewards and Blitz Dojo