Thursday, March 29, 2018


The "Felder Tracker" blog, run by New York Senate District 17 for Progress, tracks the political positions, statements, and legislative actions of State Senator Simcha Felder. The results of his constituents' communications with his office about his positions on bills in the State Senate are also posted there.

Although he is a registered member of the Democratic Party, Senator Felder has caucused with the Republicans since being elected in 2012 and mostly votes the same way that they do. It's possible for his vote to determine whether or not a Democrat-backed bill gets passed.

In the 2016 general election, Senator Felder ran on three party lines: Democratic, Republican, and Conservative. Last year, the Brooklyn Conservative Party gave him its best rating for being more conservative than every Republican in our State Senate.

Constituents who have asked Senator Felder to comment on an issue or who have requested information from his office are invited to share their questions and his or his staff's responses on Felder Tracker. Send an e-mail to nysd17forprogress @

District 17 includes Midwood, Flatbush, Borough Park, Kensington, Sunset Park, Madison, and Bensonhurst.