Monday, January 11, 2016


A traffic light will be placed at the intersection of Caton Avenue and E. 8th Street, on the east and southeast segment of E. 8th, now that a Department of Transportation (DOT) study has confirmed its necessity.

Keith Bray, Brooklyn Borough Commissioner for the DOT, has told Community Board 7 that installation is tentatively scheduled to be completed by April 30th. Curb extensions and pedestrian refuge islands have already been installed at that intersection.

Caton at E. 8th is near a public school. It's on a local truck route, and it's between two other heavily-traveled roads--Ocean Parkway (two blocks away) and Coney Island Avenue (one block).

Another traffic light was recently installed next to a public school--this one housed in the former Bishop Ford High School--where the Prospect Expressway exits onto 10th Avenue at 19th Street.

A traffic light will also be installed in February at Windsor Place and 8th Avenue, by the Bishop Boardman Apartments (senior housing). This also resulted from a request to the DOT to study the intersection.

These safety improvements and others are the result of residents' demands for traffic safety, followed by working with elected officials and the DOT on specific needs.

Let's keep pushing for traffic safety in Kensington and Windsor Terrace. Join forces with other people who are interested in traffic safety by signing up for the Facebook group KWT Safe Streets and liking the Facebook page Windsor Terrace Safety.