Thursday, February 26, 2015


Press Release
Assemblymember Jim Brennan
44th Assembly District

OFFICES:           416 Seventh Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215, 718-788-7221                                     1414 Cortelyou Road,  Brooklyn, NY 11226, 718-940-0641
                                         422 LOB, Albany, NY 12248, 518-455-5377

CONTACT:          Melanie Hirsch 718 788-7221


   Assemblymember Brennan to Hold Town Hall Meeting on
State Budget to Discuss Education and Mass Transit

New York State Assemblymember Jim Brennan (D-Wf) is concerned that Governor Cuomo’s education budget links any increased State funding for public schools to proposals that will damage our public schools, not help them.

According to Brennan, increasing the use of test scores to fire teachers and principals and close schools will not work to improve our public schools; it will just result in greater demoralization of staff and rejection by students and parents.

Adding 100 more charter schools, along with current charter expansion, will divert tens of thousands of students and hundreds of millions of dollars and much needed resources away from our public schools, undermining and destabilizing them.

Assemblymember Brennan is strongly encouraging Governor Cuomo to “work with the legislature on a healthy increase in State aid of $2.2 billion and restore progress toward compliance with the Campaign for Fiscal Equity court decision, which directed the State to assure adequate funding for the public schools.”

In vetoing the MTA Capital budget, Governor Cuomo is leaving a $14 billion shortfall in scheduled replacement of trains, buses, track, signals and other investments. According to Brennan, “a fully funded statewide transit system will better each and every corner of New York State.”

Assemblyman Brennan is mobilizing his constituents and asking, “How Should Progressives Respond to These Proposals?” The Town Hall Budget Meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, March 4th, 2015, 6:30 PM-8:30 PM at PS 139, 330 Rugby Road between Beverley and Cortelyou Roads, Entrance on Rugby Road.

Assemblyman Brennan encourages all to have their voices heard in making a difference and urge them to join the effort by signing and sharing these two on line petitions that he has developed. Please sign the petitions by following the links:

Education petition

Transit petition