Tuesday, January 29, 2013



Dear Sonny Kim:

I support workers at Golden Farm.

Before the boycott, I spent about $______ per week at
the store.

When you sign a fair contract with the workers I will come
back to shop at Golden Farm.


Name: __________________________________

99 Pickets & Occupy Kensington // 99pickets.org
If you're boycotting Golden Farm, let Sonny Kim, the owner, know how much money you no longer spend there each week. And that you'll be back in the store, cash (or plastic) in hand, after he negotiates a fair union contract.

The boycott, requested by Golden Farm employees, has caused a 50% drop in sales on peak days (Thanksgiving Eve, Christmas Eve), some store employees have estimated. Boycotters want the owner to
  • sign a fair union contract with the employees and include paid sick days,
  • restore employees' work hours that the owner cut illegally in retaliation for employees organizing, and
  • reinstate employees who were fired in retaliation for organizing.

To help, just fill out a paper card like the one shown above (get it from a picketer) or an online form.

A neighborhood delegation will deliver the cards to Mr. Kim.

This "pledge drive" is brought to you by 99 Pickets and Occupy Kensington.