Thursday, June 10, 2010


Kensington Action Force (KAF), founded in 1991, is a community safety organization that helps Kensington residents combat crime and violence.

At general community meetings and committee group meetings, residents have the opportunity to discuss issues and concerns with the Police Department,
Mayor's Office, District Attorney's Office, city agencies, Community Board, and elected officials.

KAF's special programs and crime prevention initiatives include
  • "Making Good Kids Better Citizens," a program that educates students in grades five and up on how to get involved in community safety issues;
  • community-wide graffiti cleanups;
  • "Shoot a Trespasser" (with a camera);
  • "insurance premium reduction," which advocates insurance premium reductions for homeowners or residents who live in a community with an involved community crime prevention effort;
  • sports league.
At KAF's inter-community leadership conferences, residents meet with other people who are involved in organized anti-crime efforts, and everyone shares their expertise with each other.

KAF maintains updated contact lists that help KAF members communicate with the appropriate public officials so that they will address and correct community-related problems.

KAF also monitors court cases.

Meetings are held in March and November at Intermediate School 62 (Ditmas Junior High School). The school is at 700 E. 7th Street, between Ditmas Avenue and Cortelyou Road.

KAF is interested in receiving e-mail from residents who have questions about community safety.
If you have previously raised the issue with any public authorities, include any information or correspondence that you may have.

KAF is a non-profit, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

(718) 941-5500
(718) 941-5500
KAForce [at]