Saturday, May 8, 2010


Notes from the March 23rd Community Board 12 meeting:

Lauren Luft, a representative of the Metropolitan Jewish Health Center (16th Avenue at 62nd Street), announced a new community day service facility for people with chronic illnesses.

A resident reported that conditions in the emergency room of Maimonides Medical Center (10th Avenue at 49th Street) are unacceptable.

Tracey Mantrone of Brooklyn Public Library's
Mapleton Branch (60th Street at 17th Avenue) asked people to protest the city's cuts in library budgets.

Residents of a block on E. 2nd Street who have a complaint about music being played loud at all hours by a neighbor were referred to officers from the 66th Precinct who were at the meeting.

CB12 board member Abu Khalquzzaman proposed that a monument be erected on Church Avenue in memory of the millions of Bangladeshi martyrs and that Church and McDonald avenues be renamed Bangladeshi Town.

A resident spoke against summonses being issued to residents by the Department of Sanitation
during snowstorms when the department hasn't collected the trash. He also asked what procedure to follow to become a board member. He was referred to the Borough President's office.

A rabbi thanked board chairperson Alan Dubrow for arranging a meeting with the Fire and Police departments about the Passover bread burning plans, an event conducted for the past forty-four years. Precinct commander John Sprague said he would increase car and foot patrols at that time.

The current Executive Committee was renominated and reelected.